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IF – Beneath

I had this grandiose idea of painting a paradise fish under his bubblenest (which I may still do), but I found these cute drawings I did a million years ago amongst my old oil paint. This one is a mermaid, … Continue reading

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IF – “Acrobat”

Just one more flip!! I wish my scanner was bigger. This was from a pretty bad photo, sorry. I am contemplating the current experiment of doing the background in pastel. I don’t think it’s exactly becoming here. Oh well, next … Continue reading

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To ensure three whole pigs fit into your stomach, best to space them as meals.  After spending the night away from his ma curled up in a bale of hay, this smallest of the pig brothers made a perfect breakfast.  … Continue reading

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Little Red Riding Hood

Honoring my forebears, the Brothers Grimm, here is my retelling of the famous story… Once upon a time, there lived a little girl named Red Riding Hood.  One day, her mother told her to take some food to her sick … Continue reading

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