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Aspiring children's illustrator and novelist, with a passion for God and his creation.

The Horse Thief

First off, so sorry this is many years later. Life for me and the family took on a huge change beginning in Spring 2013. Husband’s job was transferred to a new area and we have been settling into our new … Continue reading

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Hello Again! and new novel peek

Hey, did you miss me? Aw, so sweet of you! So many things have happened in the last two years, I cannot possibly put it all down. But I did want to revive my little webspace again. I have, in recent … Continue reading

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I am about to embark on a revisit to watercolor painting. I did a wc painting of a house a few years back and it was delicious. So I have a pad ready and some brand new paint. Just got … Continue reading

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Laying In

Apparently “laying in” is what they used to do to royal wives when they were close to giving birth. The pregnant wife would be confined to a dark chamber and not allowed to go anywhere or even get out of bed for … Continue reading

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Micah Sleeping

Don’t worry you guys, I will be back in author-artist mode soon. Right now, I am working to make real money at a real job with a real cubicle. Got to save up for when the new baby comes. So … Continue reading

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Illustration Friday – Transportation

This is a photo of an old painting I did in 1995 (they used a flash so it doesn’t show up perfectly here). It is a portrait of my aunt, my two cousins and their horses. The red horse, named … Continue reading

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In the Woods

Yesterday, despite being sick and woozy, my son and I went into the woods. We have this small park nearby and it is chock full of every imaginable species of oak and hickory tree and 14 gazillion squirrels. A refreshing … Continue reading

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