The Horse Thief

First off, so sorry this is many years later. Life for me and the family took on a huge change beginning in Spring 2013. Husband’s job was transferred to a new area and we have been settling into our new environs, friends and church. It has been rather busy. I have been doing more farming and writing than artwork.



Nearly all of the under themes of my writing include my own insatiable “wild streak” and this new work abounds in it!

Young Adult Novel work in progress – “The Horse Thief” is complete but still in beta mode – this is my 3rd novel attempt and by far the most mature. If you are interested in being a beta reader for this manuscript, please contact me. I would classify it in the genre Christian Historical Romance. A quick introduction:

Just a few generations after the chaos of Babel, we find Erdene, an intrepid young lady of  Magog blood who flat out refuses to be married to her father’s ally, a powerful Chief of morose repute. Instead, she elopes alone, hoping to forge a new life of her own choosing. The freedom she longs for is swiftly replaced by the peculation of an unwelcome bandit and the pursuing relatives in the midst of mutiny. Just when Erdene thinks she might escape the penalty for her error, new levels of turbulence return, as well as the conniving bandit of the Ashkuz clan.

The story takes place in what is now the country of Tajikistan, along ancient trades-routes and in ancient cities. The Biblical lineages of Genesis Chapter 10 and the account of Babel in Genesis Chapter 11 are the foundation for the setting in the Sons of Japeth series. Check back for updates!!



About heatheroutlaw

Aspiring children's illustrator and novelist, with a passion for God and his creation.
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