Laying In

Apparently “laying in” is what they used to do to royal wives when they were close to giving birth. The pregnant wife would be confined to a dark chamber and not allowed to go anywhere or even get out of bed for fear the child would be lost. I sort of feel like that since getting around is quite the challenge. My new one is due soon and will be here before or on the 27th.

In the meantime, since I have not been drawing anything, here is something my 3 year old put together on the iPad.  Right now, JL is terribly interested in anything that exists under the sea – whales and sharks in particular. Last night, we watched “Hooked” on NGTv and saw some pretty impressive teeth!  Here is his imagination at work:


About heatheroutlaw

Aspiring children's illustrator and novelist, with a passion for God and his creation.
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One Response to Laying In

  1. Ryan Paxton says:

    We drew in little notepads as kids. This is hilarious – in a nostalgic, proud, sort of way.

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