From the garage

Yes, this is my collection of paint. What I want to know is, will it actually work after spending YEARS in the garage freezing and thawing? I know some of the oil and medium will be fine. But the paint itself, it seems a bit, um, chewy. I must say, I am surprised it looks as good as it does. It has been 13 years since I used any of this.

Oil paint used to be my medium of choice. I loved how it did not dry on me, allowing me to move it around and soften edges. Doing an oil painting is like spending time in a new place, it is an experience. Oil color is living, not flat like acrylic. With acrylic, I find I have to keep adding more straight colors to it to get the brilliance I want – it does not blend the same way. This can get expensive. Oil also does not dry up and die. Or at least I hope not. I can’t afford to buy new. I do happen to have some powder pigment, it was never opened (jackpot – these cost me about $75 back in 95).

Maybe my next post will celebrate a new start – if any of this is usable. In any case, I will keep you updated. Keep your fingers crossed for me.


About heatheroutlaw

Aspiring children's illustrator and novelist, with a passion for God and his creation.
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